Mastodon is on a mission to realize social media’s potential to bring us together.

Social media companies have earned huge profits by making us enraged and addicted. They make it hard to leave by keeping our social graph hostage. They serve investors and advertisers first, and then us eventually. Why should our online meeting places all be controlled by a few large companies that put us last?

Join the movement.

Take back social.

Mastodon is social media run by your community, not a company. No ads, no algorithms, no manipulation, no surveillance. Your content and social graph are yours to use on other services. And it will stay that way; Mastodon can’t be captured by monopolies because it’s open-source and non-profit.

Mastodon is the future of social media, and it’s growing fast.

Full website launching May 21

Join Mastodon in 4 easy steps

Step 1:

This is important because people populate your feed, not an algorithm.

Step 3:

Unlike other social platforms, Mastodon can be accessed through many websites.

Step 4:

There are dozens of Mastodon clients for all platforms. Many people love this free one for iOS.

Help take back social

  1. Invite your communities to join Mastodon
  2. Boost/Retweet our introductory posts on Mastodon and Twitter
  3. Add free “Share to Mastodon” buttons to your website

More tools and opportunities coming soon.

Learn more about Mastodon

Mastodon is really interesting. Learn more about it here, with stats, articles, and other resources.

Keep in touch

We’ll share ways you can help the movement, and alert you once this site fully launches.


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